IGN Member Spotlight Month

1 November 2022

2 minute read

Over the last two years, the IGN has supported its places to advance local ambitions for more inclusive prosperous, and sustainable economies. Now, in its third year (Sept 22-23) the network is introducing an additional offer of an IGN Member Spotlight Month to allow members to showcase examples of good practice of delivery around inclusive growth to peers within the network and to other local and combined authorities across the UK.

Tasked with responding and adapting to the Covid-19 pandemic and now a cost of living crisis, local and combined authorities are demonstrating creativity in bringing forward innovative solutions that balance the immediate and long-term needs of their communities. Against a backdrop of ongoing political and economic instability, IGN member places remain resolute in their commitment to driving economic growth and opportunity that is distributed fairly across society.

In recognition of this, the IGN Member Spotlight Month offers places the opportunity to step back and celebrate the brilliant work being done to deliver more prosperous and inclusive local economies.

Over the course of a month, your place would take the spotlight, demonstrating how you are delivering inclusive growth on the ground. This would involve working with the IGN team to co-design several tailored outputs for the network that align with your inclusive growth priorities. There is plenty of scope to be creative, but to give you an idea of what this might look like, your IGN Spotlight Month could involve:

  • Leading a workshop to stimulate reflection, discussion, and learning on a key area of expertise for your authority
  • Producing a toolkit or case study around an inclusive growth initiative you have successfully designed and implemented as a resource for peers to draw on
  • Establishing a working group to troubleshoot a key delivery challenge and crowd-source solutions among peers
  • Developing videos, graphics, or even a podcast episode to share key learnings around an inclusive growth initiative you are piloting

Get involved!

To find out how your place can get involved in an IGN Spotlight Month, or to discuss any of the above, please get in touch at: IGN@progressive-policy.net