IGN summary of economic recovery plans

A snapshot of the key themes and policy proposals contained in local economic recovery plans

2 December 2020

1 minute read

The Centre for Progressive Policy have conducted an analysis of published local economic recovery plans on behalf of the Inclusive Growth Network. They have produced a summary to support local policymakers with recovery planning and implementation which you can view and download here.

This review can help inform your approach to recovery planning with an overview of the use of partnerships, citizen engagement, and measuring and monitoring. There are also helpful examples of policy intervention best practice:

  • Good work: using public procurement, business support, work pledges and charters, and targeted work with the foundational economy.
  • Skills and employment: maximising the local impact of regional and national support, coordinating and repurposing local support, and targeting key sectors.
  • Green recovery: driving investment in green jobs and green infrastructure.
  • Health inequalities: applying a 'health in all policies' approach and empowering communities.

As places across the UK continue to respond to the impacts of Covid-19, the Inclusive Growth Network will support members with their ongoing economic response to the pandemic alongside longer-term recovery planning.

If you are developing a local recovery plan and would like to discuss further, please contact IGN@progressive-policy.net.