What we do

Highlighting the importance of place, the Inclusive Growth Network is comprised of local and combined authorities across the UK, working collectively to address regional inequalities and promote inclusive growth.

In 2022, the UK continues to be one of the most regionally unequal countries in the OECD. Our ambition is to build a fairer society in which everyone can contribute to and benefit from economic growth.

Fostering inclusive growth means tackling deep education, health, wealth and income inequalities that hold back people and communities and undermine the productivity potential of our regions. Together, IGN member places are delivering levelling up, from the bottom up. 

Through peer-to-peer learning and expert partners, member places are able to draw on examples and test innovative ideas for local interventions that tackle inequalities and alleviate poverty and insecurity. IGN members have access to a unique package of tailored support to help address delivery challenges and collectively lead the drive to building more sustainable and inclusive local economies. 

Throughout its second year, the IGN is placing its focus on the three interdependent themes that have emerged as key priorities for members:

  • Local economic growth and good work; 
  • A fair transition to net zero;  
  • Public health and the determinants of good health.  

With the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the need to ensure the transition to a net zero economy leaves nobody behind, the cost-of-living crisis, and growing regional inequalities, localities and their leaders are demonstrating ingenuity in bringing forward real solutions to these complex challenges. The IGN supports places to continue to push boundaries in delivering inclusive growth on the ground for and with their communities.

To advance local ambitions across the themes, member places have access to the following support: