Founder of Progressive Think Tank to Step Down

9 January 2024

By Emily Butler

Charlotte Alldritt, founder of the Centre for Progressive Policy, the inclusive growth think tank, has announced she will be stepping down at the end of January after six years as CEO.

Ms Alldritt set up the economics think tank with a vision to turn inclusive growth into a political reality, moving it from a theory into mainstream political and economic practice as a solution for a fairer, more productive economy.

Charlotte Alldritt, CEO Centre for Progressive Policy said:

“When I set up CPP I sought to make change happen on the ground, working with local and national government to develop and implement new, data-driven policy. CPP has since built a reputation for authoritative research and innovative practice, which has shaped policy debates on levelling up, devolution, productivity, and public service reform.”

“I am as delighted we were recognised by the latest Sunday Times Best Places To Work list, as much as I am about delivering major research projects on fiscal policy, industrial strategy, the cost of living, health, and childcare. The success of our Inclusive Growth Network has been another highlight, realising my ambition to make inclusive growth a reality across the UK. With the prospect of an incoming Labour government, our close work with the party provides a platform to promote and embed CPP’s vision for spreading growth more fairly between people and places.

“Of course, none of this would be possible without the wholehearted support and funding from Lord David Sainsbury, whose vision for progressive capitalism was a natural fit.

"CPP's future as a leading progressive think tank is assured and I leave the organisation with a strong future to create new opportunities to fulfil its mission.”

Ben Franklin, Director of Research and Policy said:

“Charlotte is a visionary; her passion and drive have accelerated the impact of CPP, and she has built a strong platform so we can continue our mission to deliver fair growth.

“This is a critical juncture in UK political and economic history. Hope can only return with sustained material improvements to peoples’ lives across the country and particularly in the places that have been downtrodden for generations. Good government can be transformational and in 2024, CPP will continue to provide the vision, ideas, and advice to support a renewal of good, progressive government for all people and places.”