COVID-19 local area health risk rating: 14 April 2020

Key findings using the latest data include:

  • Since the last update, Liverpool (ranked 16, has overtaken 4 local authorities), the Wirral (ranked 4, has overtaken 5 local authorities) and Manchester (ranked 23, has overtaken 4 local authorities) are the big movers at the top of the index. All have rising caseloads and significant underlying health and care vulnerabilities.
  • The North West in general is seeing a rising number of cases which is impacting overall risk levels. Further down the list, Lancashire (ranked 26, has overtaken 6 local authorities), Sefton (ranked 38, has overtaken 15 local authorities) and Bolton (ranked 39, has overtaken 19 local authorities).
  • Middlesbrough (previously ranked the 2nd riskiest place) overtakes Walsall as the riskiest. It has a combined high case load and high level of systemic risk.
  • The West Midlands local authorities of Walsall, Wolverhampton, Sandwell, Dudley and Birmingham remain in the top 15 riskiest places.

50 highest risk authorities (1 = most risky)

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Local authorityCOVID-19 cases per 100,000Healthy life expectancyCQC scoreTreatable mortality% aged 65+Overall
Week-on-week changeCCG
Middlesbrough194.9657.82.75133.916.21+1NHS South Tees CCG
Walsall171.5056.42.76106.217.62-1NHS Walsall CCG
Wolverhampton170.6158.72.77118.916.630NHS Wolverhampton CCG
Wirral162.7361.42.7197.421.64+5NHS Wirral CCG
St. Helens204.9459.22.89101.420.45-1NHS St Helens CCG
Sandwell163.4257.12.83117.6156-1NHS Sandwell and West Birmingham CCG
Knowsley195.8958.32.87113.017.17+1NHS Knowsley CCG
Barnsley136.6258.82.6692.419.38-2NHS Barnsley CCG
Halton151.0559.52.76100.918.19+1NHS Halton CCG
Redcar and Cleveland114.8360.62.83102.622.310-3NHS South Tees CCG
Rotherham132.6259.52.85100.619.511+2NHS Rotherham CCG
Hackney and City of London182.0058.62.7497.87.512-1NHS City and Hackney CCG
Tameside122.5660.42.78103.917.613+2NHS Tameside and Glossop CCG
Birmingham162.3559.22.82109.413140NHS Birmingham and Solihull CCG
Dudley130.3759.42.8189.620.315-3NHS Dudley CCG
Liverpool178.2560.72.85117.714.716+4NHS Liverpool CCG
Oldham140.9058.02.87111.916.117+1NHS Oldham CCG
Luton156.0059.32.79109.712.418+4NHS Luton CCG
Gateshead130.8660.82.8499.619.419-2NHS Newcastle Gateshead CCG
Wakefield92.4558.62.7694.718.920+3NHS Wakefield CCG


NHS Blackpool CCG
Slough138.8258.72.75101.71022-6NHS East Berkshire CCG
Manchester117.4257.92.78136.19.323+4NHS Manchester CCG
Sheffield212.3661.82.8089.516.124-3NHS Sheffield CCG
Sunderland131.5757.92.9294.719.425-6NHS Sunderland CCG
Lancashire126.6160.42.8893.320.526+6NHS Chorley and South Ribble CCG*
Newham216.4758.42.8695.47.527+1NHS Newham CCG
Lewisham226.9960.62.8699.89.428+3NHS Lewisham CCG
Salford135.6158.02.91110.414.329-3NHS Salford CCG
Newcastle upon Tyne181.5559.22.9297.814.430+3NHS Newcastle Gateshead CCG
Stockton-on-Tees97.3657.52.8391.418.131-1NHS Hartlepool and Stockton-on-Tees CCG
Nottingham94.5457.72.81121.711.532-7NHS Nottingham City CCG
Southwark294.4062.72.7691.08.333+2NHS Southwark CCG
Barking and Dagenham149.0660.12.82104.69.3340NHS Barking and Dagenham CCG
Stoke-on-Trent78.1857.42.84102.61735+2NHS Stoke on Trent CCG
Cumbria244.1463.52.9783.624.136+6NHS Morecambe Bay CCG*
Hartlepool74.0058.12.89106.119.337+6NHS Hartlepool and Stockton-on-Tees CCG
Sefton170.3064.02.9290.923.338+15NHS South Sefton CCG
Bolton127.5562.52.86108.217.239+19NHS Bolton CCG
Rochdale121.3659.62.91115.916.340-4NHS Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale CCG
Bury122.5660.42.8996.818.241-3NHS Bury CCG
Northumberland114.2861.22.8680.424.342-2NHS Northumberland CCG
Kirklees74.5360.52.7298.617.543-4NHS Greater Huddersfield CCG
Southend-on-Sea117.2861.92.8491.819.244+1NHS Southend CCG
Kingston upon Hull, City of51.7957.22.81118.31545+5NHS Hull CCG
Havering171.4464.22.8288.81846+14NHS Havering CCG
Ealing213.4663.82.7185.812.8470NHS Ealing CCG
North Tyneside144.1960.72.9187.72048+3NHS North Tyneside CCG
South Tyneside83.8558.92.8793.32049-20NHS South Tyneside CCG
Bradford75.9560.12.78106.114.850+7NHS Airedale, Wharfedale and Craven CCG