Conservative Party Conference: Spending review 2019 - What are the big choices on tax and spending?

Panel discussion

2 October 2018

At this panel event we will be joined by Neil O'Brien MP, Gemma Tetlow (Institute for Government) and Cllr John Fuller (Deputy Chair LGA Resources Board) to discuss the 2019 Spending Review. With an extra £20.5bn per year promised for health by 2023/24, this year’s Budget will be more anticipated than most in recent years. After nearly a decade of fiscal tightening there will have to be some significant changes to pay for the extra NHS funding. But rising demands from defense, education and other public services mean the stage is set for a bigger battle in the 2019 Spending Review. Do we need to move beyond austerity or to revise down our public service expectations? Is there capacity for public service reform or is new money needed to support long-term financial sustainability? Does this mean tax rises or borrowing? Or, can the 2019 Spending Review somehow avoid these tough choices altogether?

This event will be situated inside the secure zone.