CPP Inclusive Growth Conference 2019


26 November 2019
Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET)

Inclusive growth is one of the most urgent questions facing advanced economies, where stagnant real wages are squeezing living standards and wealth is increasingly concentrated. The former Prime Minister’s attempts to serve the ‘left behind’ continue to be in the shadow of Brexit negotiations. Living standards remain stagnant and life expectancy is in decline suggesting that the delivery of inclusive growth at a country, company and community level is more pressing than ever.

Making inclusive growth a reality

The current climate is an opportunity for change – with scope for profound questioning of the nature of global capitalism and the aspects of the current system that need to be adapted, refined, regulated or rethought entirely. This year the Centre for Progressive Policy (CPP) has designed new measures for inclusive growth and believes delivery should now be the priority, whether through the Local Industrial Strategies or in response to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Having worked with a number of mayors, combined authorities, local authorities and LEPs in the UK, CPP believes that both local and national players shape the global environment, building on the assets and opportunities of place.

In cities, towns and villages across the country as well as across the globe people are innovating practical ways to deliver their vision for inclusive growth. CPP strives to work with these international partners to deliver a new economic model to deliver structural and systemic change. Delivering ‘the good life’ at a country, community and company level is the key theme of this year’s conference.

About the conference

Key questions for this year’s conference will include: How can we hardwire shared prosperity into the DNA of economic and social policymaking, creating a basis for renewed political legitimacy? What collective action can be taken to pursue our shared challenges of inclusion across the advanced economies? Which countries and communities are leading the charge and what can we learn from them? What needs to be delivered in key areas such as skills, social and public health and what is the role of business in society?

After a year working with key partners and allies, including the World Bank, the OECD and UK’s All Party Parliamentary Group for Inclusive Growth, international leaders and experts in the field will join the CPP for our annual conference. This is CPP’s second Inclusive Growth Conference after more than 150 people attended last year’s event with speakers including Gabriela Ramos, Lord Victor Abedowale, and Scotland’s Minister for Finance Ivan McKee. Watch a video of last year's conference below.

About the venue

The Institution of Engineering and Technology was formed in 2006 by the joining together of the IEE (Institution of Electrical Engineers) and the IIE (Institution of Incorporated Engineers). It has been a key site for progressive technological advancement since its foundation in 1871, when The Society of Telegraph Engineers (STE) formally came into existence. The venue, located on London’s Strand, has been a centre for technological development and a hub for engineering skills for social progress.

Contact events@progressive-policy.net if you have any questions about this year's conference.