In conversation with Anneliese Dodds MP, Shadow Chancellor

The path to inclusive growth #CPPLevelup

23 September 2020
Zoom and on demand

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The UK faces its worst recession in 300 years, with the threat that longstanding social and economic inequalities deepen further. Levelling up policies need to be built into our post-Covid economy, but how?

Join us for this wide-ranging discussion with the Shadow Chancellor on how to build productivity and shared prosperity across the UK, and the road to inclusive growth.

The event will be chaired by Stephanie Flanders, Head of Bloomberg Economics & former chair of the Inclusive Growth Commission.

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Anneliese Doods MP

Shadow Chancellor

Anneliese Dodds is the Labour and Co-operative Member of Parliament for Oxford East.

Anneliese was first elected in June 2017, and has been a shadow Treasury minister since July 2017. Anneliese represented Oxford from 2014 to 2017 as MEP. In that role, Anneliese served on the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee.

Stephanie Flanders (Chair)

Head of Bloomberg Economics & former chair of the Inclusive Growth Commission

Stephanie Flanders is the Head of Bloomberg Economics & former chair of the Inclusive Growth Commission. Stephanie a seasoned economic commentator and policy practitioner. Throughout her career she has worked in organisations in both capacities in the UK and in the US. She is a Senior Executive Editor and the head of Bloomberg Economics. Before that Stephanie was a Chief Market Strategist for the UK and Europe for J.P. Morgan Asset Management. From April 2008 to November 2013 she was the BBC’s Economics Editor. She has also presented a BBC2 series, Masters of Money, and her own Radio 4 programme, Stephanomics. She joined the BBC as Newsnight’s Economics Editor in October 2002. Stephanie is a former speechwriter and senior advisor to US Treasury Secretary Lawrence H. Summers in the Clinton Administration, where she was involved in the management of emerging market crises and other major economic issues from 1997 to 2001.