Labour Party Conference: Keeping the NHS on track – tackling social determinants

Roundtable event

24 September 2019

At this year's party conferences, the Centre for Progressive Policy will be holding a range of panel discussions and round table events on the social determinants of health, the future of adult education, and on measuring and delivering inclusive growth at the local level.

The Centre for Progressive Policy (CPP) has just completed a year long inquiry into health and social care in the UK.

In response to the stalling of life expectancy and rising health inequalities between socio-economic groups and regions, CPP has sought to determine how we address the root causes of poor health. CPP analysis has shown that the majority of health outcomes can be explained by factors that sit beyond the current prism of healthcare, including housing conditions, education, training and skills, crime levels and employment. And each of these drivers vary greatly by local area. The question is how to integrate these findings into public policy making at national and local level.

The aim of this invite only roundtable discussion is to determine how we can direct policy and investment to tackle the main drivers of good health. What is the role of place and where should accountability lie? How do we deal with the overlapping remits between health and other public leaders? What are alternative models of health delivery that focus on addressing these place-based social determinants?

Together with policy makers and practitioners, we will be considering alternative models of health delivery that focus on addressing these place-based social determinants and discuss which practical steps need to be taken in policy and practice to develop and implement a social model of health.

This event will be situated outside the secure zone.

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