Liberal Democrats Party Conference: Can inclusive growth provide an answer to rising populism?

Panel discussion

17 September 2018

Together with Demos we will be welcoming Dame Julie Mellor, Wera Hobhouse MP (Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Housing, Communities and Local Government), Charlotte Alldritt (Director, Centre for Progressive Policy) Sunder Katwala (Director British Futures) and Sacha Hilhorst (Demos) to discuss if inclusive growth can provide an answer to rising populism.

The political upheavals of the past two years have triggered a heated debate about the root causes of populism. Some insist that local economic growth and regional inequalities are key to understanding popular disenchantment, while others emphasise political shifts or cultural resentment. What can history teach us about the relationship between lack of opportunities and a rise in populism? Is inclusive growth the panacea or just one piece of the puzzle and what can be done at a local level to address global challenges?

This event will be situated outside the secure zone.