Implementation advice

The IGN funds tailored implementation advice for members which furthers the delivery of inclusive growth locally across the themes of local economic development, the just transition and public health. Each project, agreed with the IGN leads, should advance innovative delivery methods or inclusive growth practice in your place.

IGN members have the opportunity to work with a wide range of experts to support the delivery aims of their initiative, with the IGN team on hand to help match member places with the most suitable implementation advisor for the project.

Your tailored implementation advice can be carried out by the Centre for Progressive Policy or another organisation of your choice, as agreed with the IGN team. Below we have curated a selection of organisations specialising in a range of areas related to the network’s key themes, including IGN partners Metro Dynamics and the RSA, who are well placed to lead on implementation advice delivery.

Case studies

Implementation Advisors

Joseph Rowntree Foundation


The Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) is a funder and partner of the IGN. It is an independent social change organisation working to solve UK poverty and considers the delivery of inclusive growth in places up and down the country essential to achieving this mission.

JRF can provide expert advice to members, drawing on their wide-ranging evidence base and understanding of poverty in the UK today and how policy can be designed to solve this. Specifically, they can support members gather, analyse, and interpret evidence about the nature of poverty in their locality and advise on policy options that could be used to reduce poverty.

Metro Dynamics

IGN partners

Metro Dynamics are a partner of the IGN and provide support on strategy and delivery to those who lead, grow or invest in cities and urban areas.

Specifically, Metro Dynamics can provide IGN members with a comprehensive picture of local dynamics through data analysis of economic performance and social outcomes, alongside creative thinking and support to take forward inclusive growth projects from idea to implementation. They are able to contribute new data and insight that supports the development and implementation of inclusive place-based economic strategies and can also help IGN members establish an evidence-based narrative that supports a dialogue with Government.


IGN partners

The Royal Society for Arts, manufactures and commerce (The RSA) believes inclusive growth is premised on the redistribution of power, underpinned by a commitment to amplifying resident voice.

The RSA is engaged in several major projects exploring the benefits of public participation and have expertise in bottom-up models of economic development. Specifically, the RSA are able to support IGN members on ‘inclusive voice’ methods and strategies. The RSA have also produced research for IGN members, highlighting practice that can help local and combined authorities advance and embed local participatory democracy, which can be found here.


Anthesis seeks to drive performance by working with local and national government, businesses and developers to develop and implement sustainability solutions.

From quantifying the impact to creating a persuasive business case for change, through to designing strategies and delivering them on-the-ground, Anthesis can work with IGN members to deliver more sustainable, low carbon cities and regions.

CBI Economics

CBI Economics is the consultancy division of CBI. Their blend of business insight, economic expertise and policy awareness produces work that supports the needs of organisations and resonates with Government priorities.

Specifically, they can help IGN members understand the economic impact of a policy intervention, gain insight into the views of their local business sector or evaluate the impact of economic policies.

Learning and Work Institute

Learning and Work Institute is a national charity focused on learning, skills and employment. They deliver evaluation, research, development and capacity building support, with a long track record of working with local and national governments.

Specifically, Learning and Work Institute can provide IGN members with analysis of local labour markets and skills profiles, help with developing plans for labour market improvements and inclusive growth, assist with developing possible solutions based on their experience working in the field and using a theory of change approach, and support with evaluating labour market and skills initiatives. They can also help with building evidence-based conversations with central Government and developing clear and practical policy recommendations.

Quantum Strategy & Technology

Quantum is a consultancy helping organisations towards a more sustainable future, working mainly with local authorities across the UK.

Quantum is currently producing a piece of research for the members of the IGN on the integration of local economic strategies, the just transition and public health. They can help IGN members understand, deliver and have a positive impact on a wide range of sustainability and just transition areas covering: climate change, climate resilience, low carbon and sustainable economies and social value. Quantum can provide research and evaluation that informs the development of climate change and sustainability strategies and action plans, energy plans and low carbon planning policies.


Timewise is a flexible working consultancy helping employers design innovative solutions that attract talented, loyal people and create fair workplaces, as well as carrying out research on the flexible jobs landscape and advice to policymakers.

Through their research and campaigns, Timewise can support IGN members with new insight to stimulate action to grow a quality two-way flexible employment landscape – a key component of good work. Timewise also offer consultancy and change programmes, supporting members of the IGN to drive structural change towards their local good work agendas.


Traverse believe that an inclusive society which works for everyone must be based on good evidence, and the voices of citizens. Their work spans research, evaluation, organisational development, public engagement and consultation.

Traverse can help IGN members create the space to experiment and innovate and support the scaling of impactful solutions through rigorous evaluation methods. Specifically, they are able to facilitate the design, implementation and evaluation of new ways of funding and delivering pilots through new models of partnership. Traverse offer 1:1 support and capacity building sessions which equip members to monitor their progress and maximise the impact of their initiative.

What Works Centre for Local Economic Growth

The What Works Centre for Local Economic Growth specialise in the analysis and development of robust evidence for local economic policy. Specifically, the centre analyses which policies are most effective in increasing local economic growth and aim to increase the cost-effectiveness of local growth policies by:

- Improving the use of evidence in policy design and delivery;
- Supporting and delivering impact evaluation;
- and filling gaps in our understanding of what works