How places are harnessing data to tackle poverty

Case studies from the IGN and beyond

19 October 2022

1 minute read

This summer, CPP and their partners at The King’s Fund spoke to IGN member places and others about how their organisations were using data to mitigate, reduce and prevent poverty. This was part of a joint project exploring the potential for information sharing and cross-sector collaboration to improve population health through addressing deprivation.

Key insights from these conversations include:

  • Political and organisational leadership and legal backing have enabled some places to explicitly focus on tackling poverty.
  • Investment in analytic capacity, whether built into council teams, procured for the development of specific tools or provided by partner organisations like local universities, is a necessary pre-condition for harnessing data.
  • Data sharing between organisations is predicated on trust and good relationships and must be built through regular communication.

We have brought these conversations together as a repository of case studies for IGN members to draw on when thinking about their own anti-poverty strategies, including as part of their response to the ongoing cost of living crisis, which CPP spotlighted in their Hard Up report. These case studies can be read in full at the link below. Thank you to all of the people and places involved in these conversations and in our previous workshop and roundtable.