IGN index of fair employment charters

A snapshot of the aspects of ‘good work’ covered in local fair employment charters

2 December 2020

1 minute read

A key priority for local inclusive growth strategies is increasing the availability and accessibility of well-paid, good jobs within a place. Central to these efforts is engaging and supporting local employers to deliver good jobs. “Good jobs” are jobs that are secure, pay a living wage, prioritise staff wellbeing and offer skills development and progression.

In a growing number of areas, good jobs are being pursued through the establishment of fair employment charters. These seek to define the key elements of good work, support local employers to achieve these and promote best practice. Increasingly, local levers such as procurement and investment are being attached to these charters.

With growing interest in the development of local charters, the Centre for Progressive Policy undertook a desktop analysis of established charters in November 2020. We have produced an index capturing the commitments set out in local charters, alongside national and international definitions of good work.

The index can be downloaded below and includes links to the respective local charters. If you are looking to develop a local fair employment charter and would like to discuss further, please contact IGN@progressive-policy.net.