What we do

Members of the Inclusive Growth Network have access to a package of peer-to-peer and tailored support to help address delivery challenges and harness opportunities to build inclusive local economies.

Through peer to peer learning and expert partners, members will be able to draw on examples and test ideas for local interventions that tackle inequalities, alleviate poverty, and improve productivity within their communities.

Building on a shared commitment to delivering an inclusive recovery from the Covid-19 crisis, the first year of support provided through the network will be structured around the following themes:

  • Advancing the ‘good work’ agenda within local economies
  • Repurposing local skills provision to respond to Covid-19 impacts
  • Driving a green recovery that delivers on local environmental targets
  • Tackling health inequalities and the social determinants of health
  • Leveraging community wealth through local levers such as procurement
  • Investing for inclusive growth
  • Measuring and evaluating inclusive growth outcomes

To advance local ambitions across these themes, members will have access to the following support: