CPP is shaping both the conceptual debate on inclusive growth and developing innovative examples of best practice on the ground

CPP is not a conventional think tank. What sets us apart is our engagement with local partners on the ground to design and implement locally tailored inclusive growth strategies.

As the research partner of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Inclusive Growth, CPP has also expanded its reach across Parliament and into international institutions, including the OECD.

Our publications propose deliverable policy recommendations. Recent reports have attracted the attention from a wide range of stakeholders, ranging from Bristol City Region to the Prime Minister and from local to national media.

Our impactful series of events attracts a diverse audience. Through our events we challenge economic orthodoxies and discuss new interventions to make inclusive growth a reality.

Delivering inclusive growth in local areas is core to the work of CPP. To date we have conducted skills mismatch exercises for three local partners to assess what skills the technical education system should prioritise to support the local economy. We are helping our partners incorporate this analysis into their careers advice for young people.

In 2019, we were invited to partner with the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Inclusive Growth. Part of this work is to define and implement measures of inclusive growth at country, community and company level. The APPG and CPP will work together – at local, national and international level – to help bring about the necessary shift in how we measure economic performance.

In 2018/19 CPP embarked on an ambitious programme of research and engagement on the future of health and social care in England. Guided by an authoritative group of clinical and non-clinical advisors, the inquiry has considered how best to deliver health in the broadest sense - going beyond the reach of the NHS and healthcare and towards joined up health, economic and social policy at national and local level to drive better population health.

The work of the inquiry was widely covered by the media, including The Guardian, The Sun, Daily Mail and the Daily Mirror as well as by 25 local news outlets.

Our report ‘Skills for inclusive growth’ analysed the groups who are most at risk of being let down by the skills system. It was endorsed by Ivan McKee MSP, Scottish Government Minister for Trade, Investment and Innovation at our inaugural Inclusive Growth Conference, "There is a substantial and coherent package of policies to ensure we drive inclusive growth". We are now working with BEIS and areas with a devolved adult skills budget to put the recommendations into practice.

Our report ‘Gathering the windfall’ analysed how changing land law can unlock England’s housing supply potential. Our analysis was referenced by Prime Minister Theresa May in her speech at the National Housing Federation 2019 conference and there is now a growing consensus across political parties supporting reform. Our submissions to the Communities and Local Government Select Committee and the APPG on Land Value Capture were quoted in the final reports as recommendations. On the back of this momentum, CPP has drafted a Private Members’ Bill proposing the necessary legislative amendments.