Inclusive growth, what is it all about and why now?

Episode #1 asks what is inclusive growth and how it is linked to, but distinct from, levelling up?

19 May 2024

For the last decade, stagnant real wages have squeezed living standards, wealth has become increasingly concentrated and having a job has been no guarantee of stable, secure or sufficient income. The economy is no longer producing the quality of jobs people need to support their families and opportunities vary depending on where people live and what their background is. The pandemic has exacerbated the UK’s longstanding regional inequality and the questions of how to ensure the transition to a green economy is just is gaining prominence.

As inequality worsens and the capacity for communities around the world to shake off economic challenges is depleted, the case for switching to a new ‘inclusive growth’ model is intensifying.

At the heart of our work is the belief that inclusive growth can allow individuals, families and communities across the UK to contribute and benefit from shared prosperity. For this to happen, people need access to good jobs and a supportive social infrastructure, including health, skills training and childcare. Economic policy must reflect this and recognise inclusive growth as a driver of productivity, both nationally and locally.

In our first podcast, CPP’s Director Charlotte Alldritt speaks to

  • Ben Franklin, CPP’s Head of Research,
  • Annabel Smith, Senior Lead of the Inclusive Growth Network hosted by CPP
  • Ben Lucas, Managing Director at Metro Dynamics

Our guests are discussing why inclusive growth has never been more important and what they would like to see in the upcoming Spending Review, Budget and Levelling up white paper to be published by the UK government.