AI in Education

Can it raise us up or will it divide us further?

12 March 2024

By Roger Taylor

2 minute read

Download the paper: AI in Education: can it raise us up or will it divide us further?

This new paper written by Roger Taylor, inaugural Chair at the Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation (2018-21), was commissioned by the Centre for Progressive Policy to look at the opportunities for using AI tools in schools, careers advice and lifelong learning.

The paper signals that without government interventions, the positive impact that EdTech could make will be lost and instead the attainment gap in Education will grow wider.

Propositions for Government

The paper sets out the following propositions for the government to consider:

  • Personalised AI tutoring tools to be adopted widely across the education system accompanied by the creation of new national standards on contracting to protect privacy and enable monitoring of impact.

    The paper identifies a number of areas where governments can set the standards to encourage safe adoption at the necessary scale and speed including: ensuring trusted bodies for source content, standardising contract terms for protected data, government guidance on available products on the market, supporting professional development so schools can confidently use the produces, enabling scientific and regulatory investigation into the impact of AI education products and incentivising the market shaping to make sure the technology suites the UK market.
  • AI to be used to personalise and integrate government services that help people with careers advice, lifelong learning and finding work.