Low tax investment zones are a gimmick: CPP responds to fiscal statement

23 September 2022

1 minute read

Responding to today’s fiscal statement, Charlotte Alldritt, Chief Executive at the Centre for Progressive Policy said:

“The Chancellor is dressing up tired old ideas as radical economic revolution. A government that claims to want to smash economic orthodoxies reveres the most pernicious of all: the false belief that trickle-down economics works.

“Low tax investment zones have been tried in the past and they have not worked. Gimmicks and giveaways to select areas of the country are a distraction from the hard work required to drive economic growth that is distributed more fairly across the whole country.

“Inclusive growth requires investment in skills across the country, increased access to affordable childcare and a focus on improving the health of the workforce. Instead, the huge tax cuts announced today will disproportionately benefit the wealthy while piling debt on future generations.”