Online tool: the CPP Good Employer Index

See where your organisation fits in the index

21 November 2019


1 minute read

Our report, The good life: the role of employers, released the CPP Good Employer Index scores 2019 for the 25 largest employers in the UK. This online tool enables you to calculate the good employer score for an organisation you are interested in.

Input your scores & view your results

To calculate your good employer score, simply fill in the pink boxes in the viewer below. Need help? See our how-to guide. Then look below to see your score and position relative to the 25 largest employers in the UK. Please note your results are not viewed or saved by CPP or any other party.

This tool is best viewed on a desktop screen.


  1. For any data fields left blank, the calculator assume the average from the UK’s largest 25 employers.
  2. Red/Amber/Green colour coding simply reflects position relative to the UK’s largest employers and is not an absolute judgment on the quality of employment
  3. For full details of the methodology used please see technical appendix or the dataset which contains the calculations used. Both are available at the bottom of this page.