Using land reform to fund large scale development projects

CPP Adviser Thomas Aubrey writes for Shelter's publication 'Grounds for Change'

25 June 2019

By Thomas Aubrey

1 minute read

Shelter's publication 'Grounds for Change: The case for land reform in modern England' addresses the need to reform the Land Compensation Act 1961. Read below an extract of Thomas Aubrey's essay highlighting how land reform can be used to fund large scale development projects.

To increase the rate of housebuilding, particularly for social and affordable housing, Britain needs to increase its investment in infrastructure, thereby opening up land for more homes. One of the key challenges for large scale development projects is how to fund the necessary infrastructure. Infrastructure is expensive, challenging to implement due to its complexity, and is generally characterised by revenue streams lagging many years behind large-scale upfront expenditure.

Given these issues, there is a clear need for the state to play a central role in ensuring that large scale infrastructure is delivered to improve the nation’s housing stock as well as enabling its citizens to exchange goods, services and ideas.

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