What makes us different?

We are shaping the debate and innovating examples of best practice on the ground

Inclusive growth is one of the most urgent challenge facing policy makers in the UK and in economies across the world. While there is not yet a shared definition of what this should or could mean, the Centre for Progressive Policy is at the forefront of this endeavour – shaping both the conceptual debate and innovative examples of best practice on the ground.

To achieve this, CPP believes a new approach is needed

  • Broadening the notion of economic policy to integrate a range of social factors – including mental, physical and public health, education and skills – so often at the root of low skills, poor productivity and declining private sector investment;
  • Harnessing the best of central and local government to shape the national economic environment and build on the assets and opportunities of place;
  • Working in partnership with local, national and international leaders – across civil society, public and private sectors – to drive and sustain real world impact.

Our work is data-driven and provides fully developed, deliverable policy ideas that shape the debate and pave the way for system change. In this way we seek to make inclusive growth a reality.

How we work

To maximise the impact of our work on the ground, the Centre brings together a focus on

  • High quality analysis to develop policy recommendations fully, identifying through robust quantitative and qualitative research key barriers to system change;
  • Engagement and advocacy, co-designing research programmes with policymakers to develop pragmatic solutions and maximise the real world value of our work; and,
  • Implementation, working with stakeholders – including national and local government, business and civil society – to navigate technical, political and institutional complexity to achieve outcomes.