What we do

Deep place engagement, research and policy development

The Centre for Progressive Policy seeks to identify practical ways to increase productivity and enhance shared prosperity.

CPP works on the ground to co-design and implement locally tailored inclusive growth strategies. To deliver on this agenda, with local authorities, combined authorities and LEPs we:

  • Conduct data led inclusive growth problem diagnosis;
  • Develop measures of inclusive growth;
  • Co-develop inclusive policy ideas;
  • Design improved local institutional arrangements;
  • Share evidence and lessons with national government and international bodies.

Our work on the ground is underpinned by our research programme which covers four broad and interlinking areas; public services, welfare and skills, sustainable investment, strategic economic infrastructure and trade and competitiveness. We conduct high quality analysis to develop policy recommendations fully, using robust quantitative and qualitative research methods to identify key barriers to system change.

We also engage with national and international institutions, including the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Inclusive Growth, OECD and World Leadership Alliance Club de Madrid, to develop evidence based, locally tested inclusive growth policy.

We help our stakeholders to implement inclusive growth policy by navigating technical, political and institutional complexity and through becoming advocates for system change.