Public Services, Welfare and Skills

How do we deliver high quality social infrastructure – such as health and social care, education, skills and affordable childcare – to drive productivity and shared prosperity?

Working with local, regional and national stakeholders, CPP develops new ways for public services to respond to the pace of demographic, technological and labour market change. This includes the design of national systems, processes and minimum standards, as well as the development of place-based approaches for integrated economic and social policy and investment.


Inquiry into health and social care in England

CPP has embarked on an ambitious programme of research and engagement on the future of health and social care in England. Guided by an authoritative group of clinical and non-clinical professional advisors, this programme includes an exploration of a range of politically palatable and more radical policy options.

Our aim is to reclaim the NHS’s pioneering origins and facilitate a broad-based discussion on a new social contract for health and social care.

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Skills for inclusive growth

The skills system in the UK is an example of chronic policy failure. For decades, the fragmented array of institutions, funding arrangements, incentives and accountability mechanisms have not provided learners with the skills they need to access highly paid jobs, or businesses with the workers they need to grow.

For the skills system to function properly, however, we must improve its interaction with key groups within society and tackle the pervasive information gaps currently preventing optimal outcomes.

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