CPP and APPG on Inclusive Growth announce partnership

25 January 2019


The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Inclusive Growth and the Centre for Progressive Policy (CPP) are pleased to announce a strategic research partnership to drive forward the inclusive growth agenda.

The need to develop and implement policy proposals which will successfully deliver inclusive growth is one of the most urgent and important challenges facing economies around the world.

Inclusive growth seeks to tackle inequality at its root, by achieving sustainable, quality growth. It represents a dramatic shift away from the traditional economic model of grow now, redistribute later.

There are a wide range of local, national and international stakeholders exploring both the theory and practice of inclusive growth. Part of this work is to define and implement measures of inclusive growth at country, community and company level. The APPG and CPP will work together – at local, national and international level – to help bring about the necessary shift in how we measure economic growth for all.

We would like to invite all interested stakeholders in this debate to work with us to drive forward change in how the UK measures economic success.

Rt Hon Liam Byrne MP (Chair of APPG on Inclusive Growth)

“There's now a widespread consensus that our economic model is broken and urgently needs to change. But we need to turn that ambition for change into plans for change. This new partnership with the ground breaking CPP radically adds to our ability to push forward our cross-party work in parliament and with the OECD, IMF, World Bank and Club de Madrid, to help set the agenda here at home and around the world. A sea change is coming in political economy. And the faster we can crystallise the overlapping consensus for change, the faster we can start making a difference.

Zoë Billingham (Head of Policy and Engagement, CPP) and Ben Franklin (Head of Research Methods, CPP) said:

It’s time to embrace a new economic model which focuses on the distribution of economic gains and the consequences rather than simply the overall economic output of a country. With increasing momentum behind inclusive growth as the antidote to traditional economic thinking, there is no better time to be partnering with the APPG on Inclusive Growth. Together we can support the step-change required to build a consensus on what the new economic model should look like, how we should measure it and what changes are required to deliver it. We look forward to working with local, national and international partners to deliver a real alternative.

Programme of work

Our shared mission is to develop inclusive growth metrics so that we can assess progress over time and explore the impact of public policy and business behaviour on inclusive growth.

In the coming months, the APPG and CPP will focus on people and place, broadening the idea of economic policy to include a range of social factors, and challenging economic orthodoxies.

Together, we will be engaging with key decision makers in the UK and internationally to drive forward the inclusive growth debate. Our work will be published in a series of outputs and we will host events to drive forward the inclusive growth debate.

The APPG on Inclusive Growth

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Inclusive Growth brings together reformers across politics, business, trade unions, finance, churches, faith groups and civil society, to forge a new consensus on inclusive growth and identify the practical next steps for reform.

As disquiet about rising inequality grows, so does the urgency of finding a new model of inclusive growth that better benefits the majority and reconnects wealth creation with social justice.

The APPG seeks to lead the debate in the hope of finding a new kind of consensus. Through new research and thinking their aim is to pinpoint what needs to change and how.

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For more details on the APPG’s and CPP work, please contact:

APPG on Inclusive Growth: Alex Porter, Head of Research to Liam Byrne MP (Portera@parliament.uk)

Centre for Progressive Policy: Communications Manager, Thomas Hauschildt (THauschildt@progressive-policy.net)