Post-COP26: How to ensure a fair transition to a green economy

Episode #2 unpacks the key takeaways from the climate conference in Glasgow and explores what it means for a local and fair transition to net zero

2 December 2023

CPP Co-Director, Zoë Billingham, discusses the fallout from the COP26 conference and where we go next to deliver a fair transition to net zero with Nick Tyrone and Professor Karen Turner.

Nick Tyrone is a journalist and CPP Visiting Fellow and Professor Karen Turner is Director of the Centre for Energy Policy at the University of Strathclyde and former Scottish Just Transition Commissioner. Episode two unpacks where the government has got to on the fair transition to net zero, starting from the premise that the cost of inaction on climate change is far more than the cost of preventative action today.

In the UK, CPP estimates that 2.4 million people rely on jobs in with high greenhouse gas emissions – industries which will need to industrially transform or decline over time. In this episode, we discuss how the transition can be delivered in a way that protects those vulnerable to a change from a carbon intense to a greener economy.